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Torrent Details For "maszyna 8934.7z"

maszyna 8934.7z

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Seeds: 4
Leechers: 25
Speed: 38.47 kB/s
Completed: 1,539 [Who's Completed]
Last Checked: 24-07-2024 21:26:08

Name:maszyna 8934.7z
No description given.
Category:Games > PC
Total Size:10.96 GB
Info Hash:9bef034c5ecb118e6c7a9e7bf1bd72e26978f526
Added By:Unknown
Date Added:20-06-2024 15:13:25

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File List: 

Peers List:
Port Uploaded Downloaded Ratio Left Ready% Seed Conn. Client Nick
68860.00 B5.97 GB0.0004.98 GB54.50%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69460.00 B6.02 GB0.0004.94 GB54.93%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69150.00 B1.04 GB0.0009.92 GB9.47%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69560.00 B2.56 GB0.0008.40 GB23.35%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
68880.00 B3.97 GB0.0006.99 GB36.24%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
68990.00 B3.69 GB0.0007.26 GB33.72%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69290.00 B0.00 B---10.96 GB0.00%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69170.00 B1.83 GB0.0009.12 GB16.74%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69810.00 B6.28 GB0.0004.67 GB57.36%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69850.00 B8.76 GB0.0002.19 GB79.97%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69510.00 B2.24 GB0.0008.72 GB20.45%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69260.00 B2.08 GB0.0008.87 GB19.02%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69130.00 B827.62 MB0.00010.15 GB7.38%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69180.00 B62.49 MB0.00010.90 GB0.56%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69180.00 B6.66 GB0.0004.29 GB60.81%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69690.00 B2.21 GB0.0008.75 GB20.17%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
68950.00 B9.43 GB0.0001.52 GB86.10%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69390.00 B4.26 GB0.0006.70 GB38.89%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69360.00 B2.25 GB0.0008.70 GB20.57%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
68990.00 B9.41 GB0.0001.55 GB85.85%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69970.00 B10.81 GB0.000153.84 MB98.63%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69260.00 B4.02 GB0.0006.93 GB36.72%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69350.00 B9.27 GB0.0001.68 GB84.64%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69620.00 B1.50 GB0.0009.46 GB13.65%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
69580.00 B3.44 GB0.0007.51 GB31.42%nonoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
562530.00 B0.00 B---0.00 B100.00%yesnouTorrent/360(113358600)(46856)Unknown User
69740.00 B10.96 GB0.0000.00 B100.00%yesnoaria2/1.36.0Unknown User
500000.00 B0.00 B---0.00 B100.00%yesyesAzureus;Windows 10;Java 1.8.0_121Unknown User
21373.85 TB9.57 GB411.9730.00 B100.00%yesyesTransmission/3.00Unknown User


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